Executive Health & Safety Leadership 2-Day Programme – 8-9 August 2024

8-9 AUGUST, 2024

Executive Health and Safety Leadership Programme

The Executive Health and Safety Leadership 2-Day Programme is designed to strengthen health and safety leadership for CEOs and senior executives.

Leading Safety has been delivering this programme on behalf of the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum since 2015.

The programme:

  • Explores the mindsets and practices of world-class executive health and safety leaders;
  • Focuses on personal not organisational health and safety leadership practices;
  • Provides guidance to strengthen health and safety leadership practices; and
  • Examines how to make these practices stick.

In addition to facilitating discussion and sharing of ideas related to health and safety leadership, Leading Safety provides organising frameworks and practical guidance to sharpen understanding and support effective leadership practice in each area.

Prior to the programme, participants complete a 360 assessment that gathers feedback from themselves and colleagues to highlight areas of strength and opportunity when it comes to health and safety leadership.

Participants receive a 1:1 coaching session following the programme, the purpose of which is to debrief the 360 assessment and identify practical development actions to lift health and safety leadership performance.


Dr Hillary Bennett and Dr Philip Voss – partners at Leading Safety – specialise in health and safety governance, leadership, and culture and have implemented improvement and development processes in organisations from a wide variety of high-hazard sectors in New Zealand and Australia.

Leading Safety also works closely with the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum, which brings together 400+ business and government CEOs committed to improving the performance of workplace health and safety in New Zealand.

Programme dates:
8-9 August

Session times:
9:00am–4:30pm (first day)
8:30am–4:00pm (second day)

Abbeville Estate, 9 Uenuku Way,
Auckland Airport 2022

$3,200*+GST (includes 1:1 coaching session!)
*Not including travel, accommodation, etc.

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