What we do

We work with leaders to strengthen their capability, design better work, meet challenges, and get after opportunities

Translating good intent into effective leadership action

We’re passionate about the role leaders can play in improving workplace health and safety performance. There’s really no more consequential way for leaders to make a difference in their organisations and for their people.

But we’re under no illusion as to the magnitude of the challenge: Certain conditions must be met in order for leaders to translate their good intent into effective action.

Leaders need:

  • A common understanding, purpose, and commitment when it comes to health and safety,
  • A mindset of caring and curiosity,
  • A foundation for consistent leadership action,
  • To be role models for great health and safety leadership,
  • To design work – and the work environment – so that it’s easier to work well,
  • To engage with workers and provide meaningful opportunities for them to participate in health and safety,
  • Assurance that effective health and safety systems, processes, and practices are in place and in use (in the way leaders imagine them being used!), and
  • To convey to the wider organisation – as well as to third parties and the communities, stakeholders, etc., an organisation serves – a desire to lead in health and safety.

We’ve walked alongside many leaders on this journey. We’ll walk alongside you on yours. Here's how we can help.

Leadership and governance

We will help you lead health and safety rather than simply operate within your organisation’s health and safety system. Building your leadership capability and confidence is the best investment you can make in support of improved health and safety outcomes. It’s the right thing to do.

Design of better work

We will help you design work – and the work environment – to make it easier for people to work well, be free from physical and mental harm, and thrive.


We will work with you to help meet the challenges your organisation faces – and get after the opportunities that present themselves – when it comes to workplace health and safety.

I not only use the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.